Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring 2019

Well I have some new art for the new year. Below are a few of my pieces. First is an Old Gum tree. I really like the texture and color of eucalyptus trees.

Next is a French Canal near Paris that I quickly did in my sketchbook from a friend who sent a photo from his recent trip.

This is a quick sketch I did from a photo I took in Oxford, UK, a while back. I was focusing on designing with light and shadow and how it becomes the structure of the painting.

The Marine Store in Newport harbor sets conveniently next to the Balboa Island ferry. I painted this one morning during an art show.

This is also a watercolor I did from a friend who visited Israel last year. It is from a photo they took of Herod's Palace in Jerusalem.

This watercolor below is of a beautiful spring day at Huntington Harbor in southern California. I did it on location one Saturday afternoon in 2010. Painting on location is an education. You observe nature and atmosphere and you paint and learn your medium.

Below is a watercolor I did for another friend based on a photo of them sitting on the tree in Tahiti. I just painted the tree and improvised the rest.

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