Thursday, December 13, 2018

2019 Watercolor Scripture Calendar on Etsy

My 2019 Watercolor Scripture Calendar is now available on Etsy. Hanging on the wall, the calendar measures 11" x 17 " (28 cm x 43cm). It is a thirteen month calendar with a watercolor scene and a verse from the Bible for each month. I also have a non-scripture Appointment Calendar that is available as well. Free shipping to US residents. View my Etsy site at:

Below is the gallery of watercolor scenes I painted that appear on my 2019 calendar. Click image to see a larger view.

My 2019 Appointment Calendar available at: 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall 2018

I want to start off with a watercolor I recently completed. We were in Tucson, Arizona with friends celebrating Thanksgiving. It was a cold fall, desert day but the fellowship was warm. I painted this from the "deck" of the people's house we were visiting for the weekend.

I want to show this quick loose sketch which I thoroughly enjoyed painting. Click on it to see a better view.

Next is a watercolor I did of Needham Chapel on the campus of Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. This was a painted on location with my watercolor class at VU.

Below is a quick watercolor of with a Polynesian theme. It is a composite of two photos and memories of my own habitation of the Hawaiian Islands when I was younger.

This is a Watercolor of Herods palace in Jerusalem. It was from a photo a friend sent after she had went to Israel.

Here is another I did of a kid enjoying the hot summer in a small stream in Provence.

Below is a conte pencil study of a European portrait.

Below is a sketch of redwood trees in Southern California at the Fullerton Arboretum. This was another quick sketch in my sketch book.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer 2018

We made our first rip to Alaska in May of this year, 2018. I finished this watercolor of the Matanuska Valley, Alaska, at the end of August 2018. It measures 15" x 22". This painting is based on actual watercolor sketches made on location and photos I took during my sketching. Notice the trees framing the landscape from the watercolor sketch I did on locational in this posting.

Below is another watercolor I painted on my trip to Alaska. The mountain, located in the Matanuska Valley could be seen from the cottage where I was staying. I painted the watercolor while sitting on the door steps of the cottage.

This is a watercolor of an old oak tree at the Still Waters Vineyard in Paso Robles, California. I started it on location and finished at home. It was a very hot day when I was trying to paint.

The Palm Tree I started painting on location in Los Angeles County and then finished in my studio. This spot is where they filmed most of the Tarzan movies. Click to see larger image.

Fountain Valley park, below. is a mile square and is filled with trees and too many geese. This was painting was executed as a demo for a class I was teaching on painting trees. I added the fisherman later as it was needed. You can see more of my work on ETSY: or follow me on Instagram:

Summer has just started for us in the Northern Hemisphere. I have some work below that I have done this last spring. Below is a watercolor study of one of Andrew Loomis' Pencil Drawing. I am still studying the portrait which I really enjoy and find challenging.

This group of trees I did on location in Alaska this last May. It is entitled "Standing Out from the Crowd. It is relaxing to do small watercolors like this in one go.

Green Valley Lake, located 7000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California, is the subject of this watercolor. The famed watercolorist regionalist Robert E. Wood lived and painted here. This painting started out bad because the paper was not sized properly. The colors blotted. So I decided to go with it and make the painting more abstract as well as using less water and dryer pigment.

Below is an acrylic paint study of a Rembrandt self portrait. He did many of them. You learn a lot about art, and I think the artist as well, when you copy their work.

This is a watercolor study of an oil painting originally by Fran Webb, I think.

Below is a watercolor from my sketchbook. It is from a photo a friend sent me. It is of France.

The next painting I actually did last year, But I never displayed it. It is of Fountain Valley Park.  Click on any image to see a larger view.

The watercolor below I did in late 2017. I touched it up a tiny bit in August of this year. So I decided to show it on this blog. I am thinking of doing a "Half Sheet" version (15"x 22") of this painting as well. I am learning, again, that good values make a good painting.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Welcome to 2018

These are pieces I have completed so far this year. Starting below is a watercolor of Bogle Vineyards, south of Sacramento, California. I started this on location on an early spring day in March. It was the redwood trees that I liked the most.

Below is a painting entitled "California Gums". We have a lot of eucalyptus growing in Southern California. Having lived in Australia I enjoy painting our local gum trees.

More Gum trees (eucalyptus), above is a watercolor I did on location 9 years ago. I used it on one of my first calendars. I found the digital file of it today.

This maple tree was painted on location on a rainy day in Anderson, California in March this year. It was a serene and enjoyable experience painting it on location on this cold rainy morning. 

The following watercolor is about an old Aussie homestead on the Mornington peninsula, south of Melbourne, Australia.

Below is a quick watercolor sketch I did for my students at Vanguard University of Southern California. It is a sketch of Needham chapel.

This is a watercolor of the Calanque d'en-vau in Cassis, the South of France. It is from a photo that came my way. I have been to Cassis. It is a beautiful place. This painting measures 15" x 22".

The "value study" below is from an art class I am involved in.

This was not completed in 2018, but is my version of a Rembrandt self portrait I did in Watercolor.

We travel to the UK now to Regents Park in London. This is a quick sketch in my sketchbook of a photo I took when I was there one summer.

Finally another sketch, below, I did last year of a Paris street scene at night. This is what is called a genre painting.