Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall 2016

This is from a photo a friend sent to me. It is a town in the South of France.

Bridge Over the Seine, 11" x15" (28cm x 38cm). This is a watercolor I like. Just When I thought I had worn out Paris subject matter, I painted this one. I like the old bridges on the Seine and the Thames.

The watercolor above I started on location, one late afternoon at the Lido Bridge in Newport Beach, California. I worked on it for about an hour then went home and finished it. When I finish it at home, I am able to focus more on the composition instead of the environment. Click on the image to see a LARGER view.

This painting I have show before, but I like this watercolor. I did it from a photo I took in Paris when I was there last. It is of Boulevard Diderot at sunset in July. It is near the Paris-Gare de Lyon train station. 

This painting is a compilation of photos I took at Rabbit Ridge Winery in San Marcos, California. I like the dirt and the quiet solitude of walking on this road. 

This is an old farm structure in the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. It was very cold outside and I didn't have time to paint so I took this picture with my phone. Then I went back to where I was staying and painted this watercolor.


The watercolor above is from a photo I took in Switzerland of the Rheinfall in the town of Schaffhausen.

Crystal Cove, Late Afternoon. This is an Acrylic painting measuring 16" x 20". Crystal Cove State Park is one the subjects I like to do. The white house on the foreground I have painted many times.