Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Daze

A few of these paintings I have done recently. The first is of Three roses in our back yard. I painted these early one morning before going to my day job as a graphic designer. I loosely put down color and then started peppering the paper with salt. Lots of salt. It added some texture. I'm going to try it again soon.

The schooner I did atop a 5 story building adjacent to Newport Harbor. I don't like heights. The only way I kept myself from freaking out was to concentrate on the painting. The Horse at Santa Rosa Road in San Luis Opispo County I did a while ago. I did it from a photo I took when I was there years ago. The next painting I did just recently at my brother-in-laws family farm in Dixon, Cailfornia. I saw these two old gum trees in the late morning and just decided to paint them. I took a lunch break and then sat in a green plastic patio chair and painted. It was like going back in time a bit. The weather was beautiful. Not hot. Not cold. It was peacefully quiet. Not something I hear everyday.

The next Painting I started on location as well in New Hampshire. I was standing by the creek and it was starting to rain. I used this painting as a demonstration at a Christian high school and finished it when I got back to California. The final painting I painted at a local historic park near where I live. It is an old California farm water tower minus the water tank and windmill which should be on the roof.