Thursday, September 7, 2017

End of Summer 2017

Another Watercolor sketch of Aix-en-Provence. This is a subject I like to paint. It is a fun city to visit. This painting represents a bright, summer morning in the south of France. Click on image to see a larger view. 

This painting is based on another painting and photo I took when I was in the Santa Barbara wine growing region of California. It is of the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez, California.

This is a painting I did from a photo and a sketch I did at the San Miguel Mission in San Miguel, California. A happy and peaceful place to go. They have the original murals there on the walls of the sanctuary as well. The area is rich in history! Click on image to see a larger view.

I started this painting on location on the rocks overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Cambria, California. I finished it when I got home to Southern California. I like working that way. You learn a lot. When you return to the studio you have freedom to "romanticize" your painting.

I also painted this watercolor sketch on location in the town of San Miguel. Notice the two paintings of the mission. They seem different in style.

Below is a watercolor pencil sketch of 17th street in Costa Mesa, California.

The following is a watercolor sketch from a photo a friend took when he was in the wilds of North western Tuscany in Italy.

Once again another watercolor sketch of Aix-en Provence. The time is mid-morning. The season is summer.