Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Cassis Harbor, Provence

Many Artist paint the same subject more than once; in fact many times. For example Cézanne painted The Card Players five times (see sample below). It is normal for an artist to "study" a subject. Explore the subject by drawing or painting it several times. Many times a painting is better because it was done more than once. Sometimes the artist gets it right the first time. Some initial sketches seem to have more life, in my opinion, than the "finished and polished" piece. Above is my second painting of Cassis. If you go back through my blog you will see a smaller version, 11" x 15". This version is 18" x 24" on D'Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. Note to those who enjoy this blog. Most of my paintings here are available in card sets of 8 with envelopes. They are note card size. Contact me at and I can make you a set of cards. They are $12 dollars plus shipping.    

Below The Cézanne painting, The Card Players" Is another re-run that I did of Aix entitled, Les Rue D'Aix. I painted this in horizontal first. Remember? See an earlier post I made on this blog. Now I made it a strong vertical format. I hope you enjoy it. If you see a painting you would like to own contact me via email.

The Card Players, Paul Cézanne

   Les Rue D'Aix