Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Paintings for a New Year

This is a painting I started last semester. I never finished it. I finally resolved a few things in the painting and finished it during the New Year holiday. It was from a photo I saw of Toledo, Spain a from a friends Facebook page. I downloaded the photo and made this watercolor. Click on image for a larger view. If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

I have been practicing drawing and painting the portrait in watercolor and on my computer. Here is a study I did from one of Andrew Loomis' pencil studies. I did a pencil drawing of his drawing and then used my choice of color to approximate his values. I learned on this one not to blindly follow a master but use common sense. If Loomis were around he would probably agree.
Click on image for a larger view.

This painting I did above is from a photo I took in the Napa Valley in California last fall. I grew up in this area nearby in Sonoma county so I like to visit this area. It reminds me of "home". The hiker in the painting is a friend of mine from Switzerland that is actually from another photo I took. Just a reminder most of the paintings on this blog are for sale. Please contact me at ken@kenharris.com if you are interested in purchasing a painting.

This is a still life for a demonstration I did for my students.

This is a painting I did a few years ago. I actually like this painting. It is good to learn concepts in painting, but the best way to learn also is just to paint as much as you can. You will fail but you will also learn.

I did this on Aquabee sketchbook paper as a demo for my students. I started it on location and finished it three days later at home.