Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is a painting I did as a demonstration for my students. If you are interested in any of these paintings, email me at

This is a watercolor portrait study I did from a painting done by another artist. I am sorry but I do not remember who the artist is. The original was in oil. I did it in watercolor. The value of copying other artist is that you learn from them. Also they have all the values and colors worked out. Garage bands including the Beatles, when starting out, played other people's music. It is a great way to learn. The idea is to draw and paint.

This painting is called Going to Work. It supposed to have the feel of an early summer morning. It is quiet and still cool. One is alone with his thoughts. It is a street scene from Provence. This painting is now hanging on a wall in the UK.

This is an acrylic painting I did of low tide at Morro Bay. This view is from the small village of Los Osos located on the central coast of California. I did the painting from a photo I took early in the morning. 

I painted the above painting from a photo I took last July when we were at Los Osos. It is the small hotel we stayed at. If you continue to walk to the left of the hotel you will see the view depicted in the painting above.

The painting I did of the church is a drawing partly from my imagination.

A watercolor from a photo I took in Balboa Park in the city of San Diego, California. A nice place to go. Click on photo to see a bigger image.

These are brown pelicans. They live at the beaches and bays of the southern California coast. This was part of a triptych commission I completed. A triptych is a series of three paintings that are of the same theme or subject. They work together to create one piece of art or statement.