Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall 2017

Above is a watercolor I did in response to the October, 2017 Santa Rosa, California fire where 2800 homes burned to the ground. One of the casualty of the fire was the Fountain Grove Ranch barn; an old round barn almost 150 years old. This is my version of the iconic landmark that was on a hill at the north of town. If you live in the US you can buy a print of this watercolor on my Etsyshop:

Below is a quick sketch about fall. It is a painting about cotton wood trees by the Rio Grande.

This I did on location in Davis, California. It was on one of that cities many bike trails.

This is a watercolor PENCIL sketch. I like the idea of drawing and then darkening the values with a wet brush. It is fun to try to strategically place the darks and mid-tones.