Thursday, September 2, 2010

Europe Plus More

Here are Three watercolor sketches I did on large sketch paper 11 x 14. I like doing these sketches because I seem to have nothing to lose. If I screw up; it's cheap paper. So I am a bit more free. I need to devolp the same attitude toward expensive paper. It takes courage to do art. Life is about risks sometimes. Jesus said if you try to save your life you lose it. But if you live for HIM and lose your life for Jesus you will save it. Below are two sketches. One of the Roman arena at Arles in Provence. The other is of the Medeival Cathedral door in Aix. Viva Aix en Provence! The last is another view outside our hotel apartment in Aix. I actually liked this hotel. It felt a bit like home. We did our own cooking. Ran down to the Casino (a French supermarket chain) and bought lunch meat, bree cheese, a baget and a 4 eu bottle of local Rose. No television. Just reading. The sun went down a little before 10:00PM. I was sketching outside at 9:30PM. Different than southern California.

Cathedral in Aix
Outside our hotel room
Inside arena at Arles (Arl)