Friday, April 7, 2017

Beautiful Spring 2017

The below painting is another version of a painting I have painted before; only a different perspective. It is another painting of Paris during a hot and humid summer rain.

Spring is beautiful this year after a lot of needed rain in southern California. Below are paintings I painted this spring. In southern California the first days of spring are richly experienced sometimes at the beach. The "Ride the Wave" watercolor is a demonstration I did in one of my classes.

Below is a watercolor from a class I teach where we paint one of the local chapels in Costa Mesa, California.

This next watercolor is a compilation of three photos I took while I was up in the Napa Valley of California. I grew up in the are just right over the blue hills in the background.

The barn is an old redwood barn in Woodland, California. I discovered it on a farm road in that area. If you are interested in purchasing this painting go to my Etsy shop at:

This watercolor is a concept painting. It is a city scape. It was something that came from my mind.

This is a view and my watercolor interpretation of the seine at night (La Seine à la Nuit).

This watercolor is of an old redwood barn behind a winery on Price Road in San Luis Obispo.

This watercolor is of Pismo Beach, California which I painted on location from the cliff in front of  the Cottage by the Sea Motel.

The boat watercolor started out as a demonstration to my class at Vanguard University, on how to paint clouds. Because it was a quick demo it didn't turn out like I thought it would. (Does it ever?) I thought about the painting and realized it needed brighter color and more contrast. I favor the primaries sometimes. Below is the result.