Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 2014

Well, we are ending up the year. I have been painting a lot in my sketchbook, which I don't feel so intimidated about, and I have been learning so much by doing that. The more you paint the more little secrets about how to paint is revealed to you. The more you paint the more confident you become and you also paint much faster as well. Below are some paintings from my sketchbook. The one directly below is Regents Park in London. My son took this photo. If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

Below is somewhere in the Caribbean from a photo I saw on FB.

The tugboat is a harbor tug in Newport Harbor in California. I have always liked tugboats. Probably because I worked on them for a short while when I was younger.

The grapes are a sketch I did for fun. I grew up around vineyards when I was a kid.

This is a re-run of Le Grand Marche d'Aix. It is a painting that hangs above my stove.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall 2014

Fall has always been my favorite season. Growing up in northern California I liked the colors of the  grape leaves and the changing weather. We had what is called an "Indian" summer then. The days could get warm but the nights were cool. These were a hint to Thanksgiving and Christmas. My first painting for fall was painted on the central coast of California. It is entitled Baywood Sunset. If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

This painting I finished in November. It is entitled, "Bright Winter Morning in Aix".

The Next Painting Is of Newport Harbor, California. I started it on location and finished it at home. I find that a good way to work. I obtain my information on location and then personalize it when I get home.

This is a sketch I did on location in Huntington Beach on an unusual hot day recently. click on the painting to view a larger version.

This is a painting, quarter-sheet (11" x 15"), of the beach at Encinitas California. I started it on location and finished it in my studio. Dong Kingman employed the same practice. He would start a painting in the morning. Go home take a break and then finish what he was working on. This painting and others  are available to purchase. Contact me at ken@kenharris.com.

The title of this painting Is "Davis November". I used a limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna and Indian Red.

This is an abstract watercolor I was influenced by JMW Turner

 This is about Tasmania. It is based on a photo an Australian Friend sent us.

Below is a still life I did this fall 2014. I did it with my students.

The beach scene below is a of a fall sunset at Newport Beach, CA. 

The vineyard is in the San Luis Obispo Wine growing region of central California.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Posts 2014

Summer is almost gone. But here in Southern California we have heat. Below is another painting from the south of France. Le Midi. It is of Arles. 

I will begin showing my summer work beginning with this painting of Paris. I hope to move on from Paris this summer, but sometimes I may still come back. If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

This is my latest painting I did on the last day of August of this year. It is of Laguna Beach.

The Next painting is from my sketchbook. It is from a photo I took in Switzerland.

Below is a quick sketch of the Huntington Beach pier. 

The painting below is of the wine country of the Temecula Valley, located in southern California. I did this painting on Arches 140# cold press watercolor paper. Arches in my opinion is the best. It is made in France. 

 Paris Street Scene Again

San Diego's Balboa Park

This is in Spain. It was a commission that I did from a photo the client gave me.

Woman Watering Garden

Flowers. The woman above is watering Flowers.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Paintings

These are my latest paintings for Spring 2014. The painting below is of Putney, London. It is from a photo taken by a relative recently. The lighting and the color caught my eye so I quickly painted it. I like the light of the sky's influence reflected on the rest of the elements in the scene. I get a feeling of peace and anticipation in the fading light of dusk.

Below is a painting I did from my trip to Paris to gather subject matter for future paintings. If you are interested in buying one of these paintings or have a question please contact me through the blog.

Next is a painting I did of the Balboa Island Pavillion. It is located in Newport Bay California. 

I wanted to paint more of the bay so I painted it again with reflections on the water. This painting is now available as a print for $US80. It is printed on watercolor paper. It looks just like the original. The image size is 11" x 15". Contact me at ken@kenharris.com.

This painting was quickly painted on sketch book paper. I intend to paint again on Arches watercolor paper 140lb., cold press.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

From My Sketchbook Again

Below are some of the watercolor sketches I have done these past few weeks. "If you want to be an artist do a drawing everyday" –Benny Bufano. The more you practice art, like a language, the more proficient you become. The street scene below is my latest sketch. I am planning doing it again on 140 lb. Arches Watercolor paper. If you want to learn a language open your mouth. If you want to paint watercolors, "get your brush wet." If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

Below is a quick sketch I did of students in one of my classes.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Watercolor Sketches

Lately I have been doing watercolor sketches for enjoyment or exploring the possibility of a new painting. Below are some of my latest sketches. I like them because they are more immediate. They are fresh and I don't worry so much how they will turn out. I feel they are more expressive. It frees me up to paint more. It is important for an artist to keep a sketchbook. Sketching in a sketchbook is like a pianist practicing. It makes you a better artist. The first is my latest sketch I did from a photo I saw on-line of another artist's model. The other artist is a fantastic oil painter from Australia. He was demonstrating how to do paint the model. I stopped the video and took a screen capture and did a watercolor version from that small image. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any of my work email me at: ken@kenharris.com

Below is a quick sketch I did in my sketchbook based on a photo I took at Regents Park in London last summer.

Next is a painting I did outside my office in Irvine just after it had rained. Click on any image to see a better view.

This sketch I did this morning. It is from a photo I took in Paris last summer. It is of a crosswalk on bridge over the Seine.

Below is another abstract sketch of another bridge just before you cross the Seine.

This I did the house below in Redondo Beach, CA.

Below is a watercolor sketch I did from a photo I took up in central California. It is an old farm house.

 Another sketch from a photo I took in Versaille last summer

The watercolor sketch below I did from a photo I took in St. Helena, California. I just basically translated the photo to watercolor.

The next sketch I did is from a photo but I rearranged the composition and added a few new elements. I made the road "S" curve more to draw your eye into the watercolor. I painted dry brush directional lines to further encourage the eye up the road. I plan to do more of these. I am learning that the job of the artist is to direct the viewers eye into the painting and to the center of interest.

These loose sketches kind of free me up inside. I just do them. I don't worry. I explore and I learn more. For an artist these sketches get you out of a rut. Sketching like this is like keeping a diary. Instead of letters on paper that are symbolic we have "spots of color" that represent thoughts and emotions.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Paintings for a New Year

This is a painting I started last semester. I never finished it. I finally resolved a few things in the painting and finished it during the New Year holiday. It was from a photo I saw of Toledo, Spain a from a friends Facebook page. I downloaded the photo and made this watercolor. Click on image for a larger view. If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

I have been practicing drawing and painting the portrait in watercolor and on my computer. Here is a study I did from one of Andrew Loomis' pencil studies. I did a pencil drawing of his drawing and then used my choice of color to approximate his values. I learned on this one not to blindly follow a master but use common sense. If Loomis were around he would probably agree.
Click on image for a larger view.

This painting I did above is from a photo I took in the Napa Valley in California last fall. I grew up in this area nearby in Sonoma county so I like to visit this area. It reminds me of "home". The hiker in the painting is a friend of mine from Switzerland that is actually from another photo I took. Just a reminder most of the paintings on this blog are for sale. Please contact me at ken@kenharris.com if you are interested in purchasing a painting.

This is a still life for a demonstration I did for my students.

This is a painting I did a few years ago. I actually like this painting. It is good to learn concepts in painting, but the best way to learn also is just to paint as much as you can. You will fail but you will also learn.

I did this on Aquabee sketchbook paper as a demo for my students. I started it on location and finished it three days later at home.