Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recent Paintings

 Some of the paintings below will be in my now extended show April 16 & 17. You'll have to come to the show to see which ones will be there. We went to Arizona a few weekends ago and I painted 4 small paintings. The painting of two cactus I did as a card for my wife Connie's birthday. The desert is much different than painting in California where I live. A watercolorist from the Tuscon area, who by the way does beautiful desert renditions, told me the secret to painting in the desert is understanding the light. That was a good tip. The desert is filled with stunning value contrast if we take the time to look. The last painting is another one from France that I did from a photo I took last summer. It is of the Mediterranean sea side town of Cassis. I rendered it a bit in ink first, then painted watercolor on top of that. Problem was the ink wasn't waterproof, but it did ad an effect. Hope you enjoy these paintings. Double click on any painting to see a larger version.