Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall 2013 Watercolors

Below is a painting I finished in November. It is of a watercolor artist in Melbourne, Australia. It looks like he is looking for a spot to paint. I saw this scene at the end of a watercolor video. The location looks just like a hill just outside Kangaroo Ground where we used to live years ago. In the background, off in the distance, are the Dandenongs (a mountain range east of Melbourne).

This my latest painting in October. My wife wanted me to paint it and I didn't. Well one day I painted it and starting getting into it. I have gotten a lot of response from this painting on Facebook. It will be in my 2014 calendar which I sell very year.

The painting below I actually started in 2010. I finally finished it two weeks ago. It will be on the cover of my 2014 calendar which will be available on Etsy this year. My vendor name on is kenharris1.