Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 2014

Well, we are ending up the year. I have been painting a lot in my sketchbook, which I don't feel so intimidated about, and I have been learning so much by doing that. The more you paint the more little secrets about how to paint is revealed to you. The more you paint the more confident you become and you also paint much faster as well. Below are some paintings from my sketchbook. The one directly below is Regents Park in London. My son took this photo. If you are interested in buying an original watercolor, print, or note cards of any of my art email me at: ken@kenharris.com.

Below is somewhere in the Caribbean from a photo I saw on FB.

The tugboat is a harbor tug in Newport Harbor in California. I have always liked tugboats. Probably because I worked on them for a short while when I was younger.

The grapes are a sketch I did for fun. I grew up around vineyards when I was a kid.

This is a re-run of Le Grand Marche d'Aix. It is a painting that hangs above my stove.