Monday, June 27, 2011


Aix Street

Aix summer early evening

Restaurant in Saint-Marc Jaumegarde

It has been a year since we went to Provence. Wish I can go back soon. I also wish it wasn't such a big deal to get there. Anyway here are some of my latest paintings of Provence. More will follow soon. I have been doing a lot of watercolors adding pen and ink lately. I like the effect. I can do these paintings rather quickly which helps me to concentrate on the idea and total composition of the painting.  I see the painting as a whole. What I like about the Proven├žal restaurant is that not only is the food good, you have to go up a small dirt road to get to it. The Square in Aix is around dinner time. I would say 7:00 PM (19;00hrs). In the summer the sun doesn’t go down till about 9:45 PM . Finally the first painting, top, is a street scene. The morning light is coming from the east and is starting to creep down the walls on the building on the right. Double click any painting to see a larger view.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Tomorrow June 4 I will be in an art show in Irvine. This is my fourth year. So if you see this blog and you don't live in France or Sacramento come on down and see all the art. It is always fun. I think we take art for granted. Just think if there was no art in the world. Or the world was like the moon one color, grey scale. Everything we have around us man made from the design of your car to the junk mail coupons you get was designed by some human that liked to draw in school more than others. It gets crazy when you look at Rubens' paintings or the St. Remy paintings by Van Gogh. (too much pastis?) Man communicates through the visual arts, verse and song. It is universal. Here are a few painting more to share. Some old. Some new.

Link for Irvine show: Click Here

 Marche Proven├žal

 Allan's Truck

 Alabama Chicken Coup

Alabama Trees

Newport Harbor