Thursday, September 7, 2017

End of Summer 2017

Another Watercolor sketch of Aix-en-Provence. This is a subject I like to paint. It is a fun city to visit. This painting represents a bright, summer morning in the south of France. Click on image to see a larger view. 

This painting is based on another painting and photo I took when I was in the Santa Barbara wine growing region of California. It is of the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez, California.

This is a painting I did from a photo and a sketch I did at the San Miguel Mission in San Miguel, California. A happy and peaceful place to go. They have the original murals there on the walls of the sanctuary as well. The area is rich in history! Click on image to see a larger view.

I started this painting on location on the rocks overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Cambria, California. I finished it when I got home to Southern California. I like working that way. You learn a lot. When you return to the studio you have freedom to "romanticize" your painting.

I also painted this watercolor sketch on location in the town of San Miguel. Notice the two paintings of the mission. They seem different in style.

Below is a watercolor pencil sketch of 17th street in Costa Mesa, California.

The following is a watercolor sketch from a photo a friend took when he was in the wilds of North western Tuscany in Italy.

Once again another watercolor sketch of Aix-en Provence. The time is mid-morning. The season is summer.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Beautiful Spring 2017

The below painting is another version of a painting I have painted before; only a different perspective. It is another painting of Paris during a hot and humid summer rain.

Spring is beautiful this year after a lot of needed rain in southern California. Below are paintings I painted this spring. In southern California the first days of spring are richly experienced sometimes at the beach. The "Ride the Wave" watercolor is a demonstration I did in one of my classes.

Below is a watercolor from a class I teach where we paint one of the local chapels in Costa Mesa, California.

This next watercolor is a compilation of three photos I took while I was up in the Napa Valley of California. I grew up in the are just right over the blue hills in the background.

The barn is an old redwood barn in Woodland, California. I discovered it on a farm road in that area. If you are interested in purchasing this painting go to my Etsy shop at:

This watercolor is a concept painting. It is a city scape. It was something that came from my mind.

This is a view and my watercolor interpretation of the seine at night (La Seine à la Nuit).

This watercolor is of an old redwood barn behind a winery on Price Road in San Luis Obispo.

This watercolor is of Pismo Beach, California which I painted on location from the cliff in front of  the Cottage by the Sea Motel.

The boat watercolor started out as a demonstration to my class at Vanguard University, on how to paint clouds. Because it was a quick demo it didn't turn out like I thought it would. (Does it ever?) I thought about the painting and realized it needed brighter color and more contrast. I favor the primaries sometimes. Below is the result.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Portraits have always been an interest for me but I have devoted my art time to my favorite subject of landscapes. I have enjoyed studying the portrait lately. Below are a few studies I have done from copying other artist or photographs.

The above portrait rendered in watercolor is from a photograph. The pencil drawing below is also from a photograph. I changed the color to from grey graphite to sepia in Photoshop. It is a lot warmer.

The below portrait is a study of an oil painting by Andrew Loomis. I rendered it in Watercolor.

Below is a pencil portrait I did from a reference I found. I colorized it in PS.

Pencil portrait study with an Google Android sepia photo filter. Study of the human skull and anatomy is important to draw portraits I am learning.

Below is a profile portrait study. I like the challenge of drawing a subject "correctly". Drawn on mixed media paper with a vellum surface.

The following watercolor portrait I did on 140 lb. cold press Arches paper. It is from a photograph.

Below is a pencil drawing I did from a photo I found. There is a lot of pencil graphite on this drawing.

This pencil portrait is a study I a pencil study I did of one of John Singer Sargent's portraits. I always learn from these studies.

Below is another pencil portrait study from a black and white photo I found on the the web. Portrait drawing is very challenging  because you have to LEARN about construction of the head. But it is fun and relaxing for me.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Winter 2017

Below is work I have been wanting to do, mixing pen and ink with watercolor. This is nothing new. I did similar drawings when I was in school. Artist have been combining the mediums for hundreds of years. The first one below is from my sketchbook. The second is the same drawing scanned in and "tweaked" in photoshop. The drawing is of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Paris.

Another "Paris Painting" using watercolor and pen and ink. This is a late summer afternoon painting of the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

Below is a more traditional watercolor. It is of a Boat Yard in Newport Beach, California. I am trying to focus on painting figures at this time 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2017 Calendar Available on ETSY

My 2017 Watercolor Calendar is now available on my Etsy shop for $12 US dollars, plus applicable postage. The calendar features 13 watercolors for 13 months. I print the calendars on a digital printer myself and staple them as well. If you would like to see samples of a calendar page, go to kenharriswatercolors on ETSY or  click link below:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall 2016

This is from a photo a friend sent to me. It is a town in the South of France.

Bridge Over the Seine, 11" x15" (28cm x 38cm). This is a watercolor I like. Just When I thought I had worn out Paris subject matter, I painted this one. I like the old bridges on the Seine and the Thames.

The watercolor above I started on location, one late afternoon at the Lido Bridge in Newport Beach, California. I worked on it for about an hour then went home and finished it. When I finish it at home, I am able to focus more on the composition instead of the environment. Click on the image to see a LARGER view.

This painting I have show before, but I like this watercolor. I did it from a photo I took in Paris when I was there last. It is of Boulevard Diderot at sunset in July. It is near the Paris-Gare de Lyon train station. 

This painting is a compilation of photos I took at Rabbit Ridge Winery in San Marcos, California. I like the dirt and the quiet solitude of walking on this road. 

This is an old farm structure in the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee. It was very cold outside and I didn't have time to paint so I took this picture with my phone. Then I went back to where I was staying and painted this watercolor.


The watercolor above is from a photo I took in Switzerland of the Rheinfall in the town of Schaffhausen.

Crystal Cove, Late Afternoon. This is an Acrylic painting measuring 16" x 20". Crystal Cove State Park is one the subjects I like to do. The white house on the foreground I have painted many times.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer 2016

This painting is from a very hot trip to Northern California this last July. We passed a barn in Paso Robles, California and I took a photo. I would have preferred to paint on location, but it was 104 F degrees outside (40C). One good thing though back in my studio I spent more time thinking composition. So below is my watercolor barn from Paso Robles, California. it is available for purchase at my ETSY shop.

The painting below is one I had done before, but I painted it again as a commission this last summer. It is a northern California barn.

This painting below is of Villefranche-Sur-Mer. It is from a photo that a nice couple commissioned me to paint. The final size was 15" x 22" (38cm x 56cm). They sent me a photo and this is how I interpreted the photo. Below is the drawing I made before I painted it. Always good to do a drawing of your subject to learn the ins and outs of your subject matter.

This is a watercolor sketch I did mostly on location on Lido Island, but I finished it back in my studio. When I finish a piece in my studio I am able to be more creative and not be controlled by the  actual subject and envoirment.

The watercolor below I started as the one above on location and finished in the studio. I like the results. It is entitled Moon Over Irvine.

Same with this watercolor. I started on location, but didn't like the results. A week later I revisited the painting and saw that I could fix it. I like the results for this one as well.

This sunset is inspired by painting trips to the beach. It is a full sheet watercolor (22" x 30"). The British came up with this system. It is painted on 240 lb. Windsor Newton watercolor paper.

This was done from a photo my son took while he and his wife were in London recently. It is of the Regents Canal. I liked the photo so I painted this facsimile.